There’s No Fun in Funyun

On October 11, 2012, in Uncategorized, by Pao

I’m going to tell you something gross.  Yesterday I was driving home from work with my son.  He’d had a full day of school, some tutoring and then practice for an upcoming acting competition.  Full of mirth, he turns to me and says, “can you smell that”?

He had forgotten to put on deodorant.  It’s the kind of stinky glee a tween likes to impose on his prissy high-heeled mom.  Gross.

I’m going to tell you something grosser.  This afternoon just before lunch, one of my students says to me “would you like a Funyon?”

Instead of reproaching him for having food in class, I took the opportunity to challenge him by asking him to what food group Funyon belonged.  If he could answer convincingly he was free to eat Funyons and whatever other disgusting treat without objection.  He was stumped.  I approached his desk to read the list of ingredients aloud to my class.  As I grabbed the bag I noticed something familiar…it smelled just like Max did yesterday afternoon. Grosser.

Now, you don’t need a PhD in nutrition to know you shouldn’t be putting that in your body if you want to achieve any level of health or fitness, but some other decisions may not be so easy.

Want to learn what REALLY goes into things like Pringles and Funyuns? Click here to find out, it’s in the book and you’ll never eat them again.

What I have learned about this whole learning-how-to-eat-right thing is that you have to become a junky.  You have to have an appetite (pun intended) for all the latest information on clean or nutritional eating.  I mean we’ll stand in line for hours to buy the latest iphone, we’ll spend hours looking for instructions on how to program our remotes, but aren’t we willing to spend that kind of voracious attention to learning about the one machine we most rely on?

I’m no expert on food, but I know it’s important to constantly be open to reevaluating the way I eat in order to get the results, the health, I want.  As I read, listen, watch nutritionist I consider all points of view because I have a point of reference for things that have worked well for me (Carb Cycle) and things that have not (Funyuns).

Your body is more than a remote and more than the latest IOS update, but it doesn’t come with a printed instruction manual.  The only thing we’ve really got going for us is our instinct, so stay natural.  I don’t always eat in a way that is going to maximize my weight loss, but I do eat in a way that is going to maximize my performance not just at the gym but in life.  If there’s a list of ingredients you can’t pronounce stay away from it.  Give yourself at least a chance to get used to the taste of food in it’s purist form so that you can think more clearly, make better goals and be better equipped to transition to the kind of plan that will help achieve your desired weight.

Just last night I had a mad craving for sweets.  It wasn’t a planned moo but I had to do something about it.  I’ve been eating clean for so long now that even though I wanted a sweet, the idea of something like a brownie made me shudder from the thought of the post-sugar low.  So I went to Whole Foods and bought a high-protein, all natural, organic individual slice of keylime pie.  That’s the thing folks, I wanted to satisfy a craving, not poison myself.

Remember what this journey is about.  It’s not just about being skinny or looking hot.  Even if those are your goals, WHY do you want them?  I’m certain it’s because you want the life that comes with it.  Don’t wait until then to start living it.  Take care of yourself now.  Bless your body, clear your mind and put down the Funyuns.


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